Recommended Menu

Haemul Pajun 해물파전 "Haemul Pajun" is seafood and scallion pancake. It is very delicious and crispy.
Maewoon GalBiTang 매운갈비탕 "Maewoon GalBiTang" is spicy broth with meat of rib-eye bone.
Bulgogi 불고기 "Bulgogi" is marinated thin slices of tender beef rib-eye.
DooBoo Kimchi 두부김치 "DooBoo Kimchi" is tofu and grilled kimchi.
Jap Chae 잡채 "Jap Chae" is mixed begetables with noodles.
DolSot BiBimBap 돌솥비빔밥 "DolSot BiBimBap" is sizzling vegetables on rice.

We do not use MSG.